# I believe in the potential of the indieweb, the utility and connectivity it provides. That's why I've spent so much time getting things working how I want them and, more importantly, why I am critical of it.

  1. jonkit says: #
    For whatever reason I’ve been thinking a lot about something related to this but haven’t really been able to form a coherent opinion, so forgive me for not having one.
  2. jonkit says: #
    I’ve wanted to have a blog for years. I’ve tried photoblogs, linked list blogs, writing how tos for stuff I do, even original content. I’ve tried music reviews and curated playlist creation/sharing. It’s never stuck, though.
  3. jonkit says: #
    what I keep realizing is that creating original content is hard. On its own, it’s hard to just create it. But it’s also hard to do it without an audience. It’s hard to find an audience. It’s hard to build an audience.
  4. jonkit says: #
    it’s so much easier to just find and consume content that people just default to the path of least resistance (with sending @ replies and sharing things being about as close to ‘creating content’ that people will get)
  5. jonkit says: #
    so relating to your question, my concern would be that even with the greatest tools available, it’s still a massive uphill battle to get normal people to create things.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    Exactly! The simplicity of social over creation and ownership is a massive draw. Thanks for your thoughts.