# Over the past few days or so I've binge watched the whole of seasons 1 & 2 of Cobra Kai and absolutely loved it. I was surprised at how well written it was (while still having its share of 80's cheese) and the depth it builds as the episodes roll by.

The show makes no apology for calling on the original movie and is actually all the better for doing so, it really takes you back to being a kid.

I must confess to welling up slightly with the references to Mr Miyagi and I that's testament to both the impact of the original movies and how well the series has built on them Can't wait for season 3 next year.

  1. Niels K. says: #
    I binged it now a second time (first time when it was with YouTube). I love this series. They did so many great things. And in the end the two men just would need to sit down and talk about it. And if they want to throw a tantrum just a deep breath and more talking. But then the series would be pretty boring ;) Can’t wait for season 3. I wonder what happens to Robby but he’s a white dude, so it can’t be that bad.
  2. I watched a few episodes last night and quite enjoyed it. Great (and surreal) to see the original actors back, and how they tie it back into the original films.

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