# I feel social media tricks us into believing the hype.

Because we can connect on a global level we are lead to believe we can do so on a global scale, over-stretching ourselves to the point of the inconsequential action.

Going global makes us forget about local, and I don't just mean geographically. It makes us forget about focus, about concentrated, about ideas, about intimate.

It makes us forget about what's important.

  1. Colin Walker says: #
    Possibly, but social more so. Social makes it so much easier to act without intentionality, so much easier to cast the net too far and too wide.
  2. Bruce says: #
    I think it's a double edged sword. Social Media has gotten more people to pay attention to police brutality against African Americans for one. Change is still way too slow, but it may have played a role in electing DAs like Larry Krasner in Philly.
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Absolutely it can be a force for good in the right hands as long as they can stay focused. Sadly, I don’t think too many are or even want to use it that way.
  4. Bruce says: #
    Maybe the majority don't, but there are a lot of people out there pushing for social justice. I found this powerful post by a friend of a friend on Facebook last night. (Link is to my blog. The author gave me permission to republish).

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