# I'm in a real "first world problem" style quandary. I'm really intrigued and impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - the new mammoth phone with a mammoth screen and an equally mammoth camera array.

I was originally planning on going back to an iPhone but there was realistically only two reasons for doing so: Drafts and Shortcuts. Yes, I tend to use my Mac more than my Windows laptop (which is primarily reserved for gaming) but when I had an iPhone there wasn't really anything that tied the experience together; I didn't use handoff to take things from one device to the other, for example.

I've gotten incredibly used to Android again over the past 15 months and I suppose I've been lucky to have a phone that runs the latest version of the OS (I'm on EMUI 10 now - Huawei's version of Android 10) so have never been lacking for anything.

I don't use that many apps so the relative states of the ecosystems haven't bothered me as I might have expected. I would enjoy returning to Drafts and Shortcuts if I had them but I have established alternative workflows with other apps. I could even look into learning how to use Tasker for automation.

I always think back to 2014 when I used my Nexus 5 to write all of the #write365 posts which came out to over 100,000 words. That was on a significantly older/less feature rich version of Android with older/less feature rich apps. So why not stick with Android?