# I did it!

After three weeks I uninstalled Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I'm close to collecting all the amenities and have things in the middle of being crafted but I'm not waiting; I've just had enough.

Although Nintendo has been pushing out events at a remarkable rate it's just too much of the same thing, over and over.

Games like this appear harmless fun but they can be massive time sinks. They're addictive and blatantly meant to be.

The way everything happens in timed cycles (an hour for this, three hours for that) is designed to pull us back in throughout the day. Add the timed goals where you have to do or collect a certain number of things within a specific timeframe (usually that day) and all the ingredients are there to get you hooked and coming back for your next fix.

Yes, you could resist the urge and just play once or twice a day for a few minutes but your progress would be so slow as to be unrewarding.

So I'm done. I've reached my limit with it, as I always do with mobile games.

I'm just surprised it lasted this long!

  1. dgold says: #
    it’s the same mechanic as FarmVille and all those Facebook games; timed activity to bring your attention back to the platform. It’s easy enough to spot, but is it really any different to twitter and it’s fave/mention rewards?

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