# This time last year I had decided that I would return to iOS largely spurred on by the improvements to the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro. It never transpired because my carrier changed their upgrade policy leaving me "stuck" on Android as I said at the time.

Having upgraded to the Galaxy S20 Ultra earlier this year (has it really been six months already) being stuck on Android couldn't be furthest from my mind. In fact, I've invested heavily in the platform buying multiple apps and a Wear OS watch. That doesn't sound like someone wanting to get away any time soon.

In a sense, however, I do wonder whether I am now locked in, for at least a while. Apps aren't so much of an issue, they're not that expensive in the scheme of things, but the watch is a different matter. Am I now forced to stick with Android devices at least until the watch stops working or receiving updates? How long before it no longer connects to future versions of Android due to being outdated?

Wear OS watches will work with iPhones (albeit with some limitations) so this not need be the complete blocker you'd imagine, even if it's not the full experience.

Ultimately, what real difference does it make for what I do? None.

As I was getting back into blogging more regularly again I spouted some BS about wanting the best tools for the job. What I really meant was the most convenient. I almost always just post text, what do I really need? Not much. As long as I can write and have some way to post (the new post form is about as easy as you can get) then I'm okay. Anything else is just an excuse.

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