# Liked: Unfollowing Everybody...

"At this point, there's nothing novel about noticing that social media is often toxic and stressful. But even aside from those concerns, our social networks are not things we generally think of as requiring maintenance or upkeep, even though we routinely do regular updates on all the other aspects of our digital lives."

Anil decided it was time to hit the reset button (if only there was such a thing) unfollow everyone and start again. It's something I did a number of times while still on Twitter and Medium. I've also done the same thing with my RSS subscriptions over the years, although I've not (yet) felt the need on micro.blog, probably because it's still relatively young.

As I've said on many occasions, social networking is about relationships and the intersections between our interests, but:

"...people and their interests change over time. What they do and how they do it will vary and the intersections between them, those serendipitous crossroads, will no longer align."

Assuming that the list of those we follow will remain relevant over time is incredibly naive and will invariably lead to an unsatisfactory experience.

  1. jack says: #
    Thanks for the link. Serves as a reminder that it's about time for my own periodic mass unfollowing on Twitter. I've been doing it by hand but the script Anil references looks useful.

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