# I had to stop myself signing up for the beta of the next version of Ulysses. The main issue I've had with it in the past is its handling of code blocks but version 13 looks to be sorting that, and adding syntax highlighting. The nerd in me got excited and had to be reminded I stopped using it for a reason!

  1. adamprocter says: #
    I signed up. I don’t feel I use it enough. Just trying to see if I can have word targets that exclude blocks of text...
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      I decided to simplify my workflow as Drafts 5 is so much more powerful now. I found myself only using Ulysses once in a blue moon so the sub just wasn’t worth it.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    The way Drafts 5 has developed the lines are more blurred than ever. It’s perfectly capable of handling longer text.
  3. adamprocter says: #
    I understand that the next version of writeroom is suppose to be designed to handle mega text length and be super responsive but no idea how far off launch that is.
  4. adamprocter says: #
    it was excellent, foldingtext (no longer same dev) and taskpaper are very cool. Plus @jessegrosjean is a good guy 👍
  5. andrewford says: #
    I also struggled to justify the cost of a Ulysses subscription when they moved to that business model. I still feel it's a great app and I look forward to seeing enough new features to make paying for the sub worthwhile. still using the last version from before the change. Still syncs, does most of what I need.
  6. I struggled with it too. I have it now as part of SetApp and appreciate that (I wouldn't have bought it separately). Like @colinwalker I'm finding Drafts 5 great, but I use Ulysses to sync with specific Dropbox folders which isn't something Drafts is designed to do.
  7. Colin Walker says: #
    I was happy to pay the subscription while I used it heavily but I found myself opening it very infrequently for a singular purpose (which I’ve managed to workaround since) so it just wasn’t worth it. And being able to reduce my app footprint is always a bonus.

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