# Watching the UK's updated response to the coronavirus yesterday my reaction was like a Fry "not sure if" meme.

We've officially entered the "delay" phase of the response as the "contain" phase hasn't worked but, on the face of it, nothing has really changed. There's been plenty of talk about what could happen if things get worse (which they will) but nothing immediate.

It all leaves you with a sense of uncertainty. Should we be glad that "the science" doesn't currently support taking more action or should we be concerned that the country is being too complacent about it all when you compare the response to that of numerous other countries around the world.

It's very much a case of "keep calm and carry on."

  1. soutpiel says: #
    I think, of your two options, it's the latter. I'm not sure the science is conclusive, but there are plenty of science-types (WHO, for example) saying the UK isn't doing enough. My office (I'm in London) has just told everyone to work from home from Monday, despite the government still dragging its heels on the issue.

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