# It's almost work password reset day which means for the next week I will be typing the wrong password at least 10 times a day.

  1. jonkit says: #
    we’re on a six-week cycle and it’s basically two weeks of entering the wrong password, two weeks or comfortable use, and two weeks of dread knowing I have to change it again soon.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      We're on a 90 day cycle so don't have to come up with new passwords as often but it means reprogramming the muscle memory is a real pain. Most people just tend to use the same password and increment the numbers at the end - if they enforce a policy requiring a certain number of characters to change then we're all screwed ;)
  2. my client requires a password changes every 30 days. I think I'd lose it if I didn't use a password manager.
  3. jonkit says: #
    on the bright side, you’d have to (or at least I would) solely rely on the password manager all of the time so you’d never switch in and out of that mode