# Peter commented:

I think that the "succession" should result in a "development of an idea".

I agree.

As the little ideas build and iterate they are, no doubt, working towards something bigger, something more complete and whole. Still, I place no time limit on this, have no expectations of ever reaching an answer or conclusion.

Indeed, I am well aware that my position may change over time, maybe become a contradiction to where I started. A journey isn't always linear, there may never be a destination, an end point at which we can say "Eureka!" Sometimes the journey itself is enough, the cumulative experience is sufficient to satisfy without requiring closure.

It can, however, be frustrating both for the creator and the consumer; we can feel cheated when we expect this progression to lead somewhere, to provide the key to unlock knowledge or wisdom.

We have to accept that there are not always answers or solutions, only learning, realisation and growth.

Perhaps that is the best answer of all.

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