# Further to my post yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reports that many within Facebook believe "the company is being unfairly picked on."

"with some saying they feel the outrage toward Facebook is misplaced, according to interviews with a number of current and former staffers. One common refrain: The issues are mostly being hyped by the news media."

  1. hjertnes says: #
    It took me a while to get there. But it is possible to work for a company without taking any attack on that company personal.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I’m in a similar position where I work. There is frequent litigation due to “historical improprieties” but I’m just there to do a job. It helps that I don’t define myself by where I work.
  3. hjertnes says: #
    It's not personal. A company should do what's best for them, and the same goes for the employee.
  4. hjertnes says: #
    I do actually work at a great place now. But I still don't identify with my work as anything beyond you know - work.