# Dave makes an interest point:

"More people are blogging. That's really cool. Now one thing to make sure of is that people can easily find out who you are from each of your posts. Simple things like your name. Sometimes hard to determine."

I deliberately don't put my details anywhere on the blog for two reasons:

  1. I like the minimal look and want to keep it as clean as possible, and
  2. as an introvert I've never been that good at self-promotion

Quite ironic, I've been told in the past, for someone whose URL is his name.

A big part of the #indieweb is the 'h-card' - markup designed to easily identify the author of a page or post - which underpins interactions between sites.

I have two versions of my h-card on the blog: a full one on the home page, and a partial one enclosed within a post, but they are both hidden. They can be found by indieweb technologies on other sites but are invisible to visitors.


I suppose ive always relied on the URL as an identifier but, with browsers increasingly de-emphasising addresses, is it enough?

I don't even have an About page.

With the Now page I outline what I'm doing but there is no indication of who is doing it, and with the webmention directory, I am instead drawing attention to others.

Maybe I need to rethink things.