# Om Malik writes:

"After twenty-odd years of blogging, what I really wish for is freedom from the tyranny of a headline that weighs down a blog post."

It takes a bit of effort, of not settling for the defaults, but it's perfectly possible to break free from that tyranny. Most feed readers still don't support titleless posts but the more people do it the more it will become the norm.

  1. bix says: #
    That quote baffles me. He's supposed to be some sort of tech sector guru, but he can't figure out how to blog without titles?
  2. patrickrhone says: #
    FWIW, Rhoneisms is Wordpress based and the vast majority of posts don’t have Headlines. One can eliminate them with a bit of CSS editing of post types or there’s a few plug-ins that will do it too. Not that hard.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Exactly - not settling for the defaults and looking for solutions rather than complaining about it.
  3. bix says: #
    It took me awhile to get it right on Bix Dot Blog, but only because I'd also wanted things like prev/next links to usea truncation of the post body and an ellipsis instead of just saying "next" and "prev".
  4. amit says: #
    it's a really curious post. People have been blogging without a title for quite some time now. And I am sure these are people even Om would be aware of. I guess he is looking mainly looking from WordPress editor perspective?
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      Dave Winer was blogging without titles right back at the beginning. Admittedly he wrote his own software but it's not exactly new.
  5. bix says: #
    That was ultimately what Bix Dot Blog was using, too, but getting things like "Previous Post" in post navigation replaced took some custom functions.
  6. devilgate says: #
    Yeah, same here. A very strange post. I had no trouble writing without titles when I was on WordPress. Those posts caused some minor problems when I moved over to building a static site and imported them into Nikola, but they were easily fixed.