# During quiet spells at work (well, at home but you know what I mean) I've been firmly in "because I can" territory with the digital garden functionality.

Having already implemented a display-time function to display page links in wiki-style '[[]]' notation I wanted to do something similar for external links. Being normal pages I could just enter them using Markdown but I wanted it to be visually apparent and in keeping with the internal formatting so opted for '{{}}' delimiters.

I didn't stop there, oh no; and this is where things get completely unnecessary and nerdy. I decided to create an onkeypress event for the textarea that inserts the delimiters at the cursor position or surrounds highlighted text.


Because I can.

  1. roelwillems says: #
    Well done! It’s nice to sometimes geek out a bit. I configured the iPhone to save a page to Instapaper when I tap the back two times. Super unnecessary, but still a neat little option to have.