# We're away for a couple of days to see our daughter at university. It's good to spend some time with her now that she's settled in.

She's based in Bournemouth but we decided to some to Salisbury Cathedral as we've not been here for a while. It's a fantastic building.

Salisbury Cathedral

  1. smokey says: #
    This is a neat view. (Out of curiousity, are you blocking the Micro.blog photo thumbnailer [photos.micro.blog] from accessing your photos? In my weekly recap grid, this photo ended up with a broken thumbnail that shows a 403 error “Request forbidden by administrative rules.” when I load the thumbnail directly, and I see that Sunlit shows all grey boxes in your profile view instead of thumbnails, too.)
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Not Intentionally. I'm not sure why that happens. I need to dig in to the various roles and permissions in WordPress.
  3. smokey says: #
    Thanks for checking. Perhaps that means there’s a bug on @manton’s end, then? I put up a test page and confirmed it’s not any general anti-hotlink rules or the like preventing access to your photos, but I’m still baffled by why photos.micro.blog is having this problem with all of your photos (per Sunlit profile view) but not any photos from anyone else.
  4. smokey says: #
    I don’t think we can blame WordPress for this one, although the verdict is still out.
  5. manton says: #
    I'm almost sure that this is an error coming from WordPress. Maybe an overly-paranoid security plugin of some kind.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    I’m pretty certain this is something being implemented by my host as I'm sure it didn’t used to happen on the previous one. I'll contact them tomorrow to ask.

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