# In retrospect, while deactivating / deleting my accounts seems like a big deal, the real battle was fought some time before.

I've never been much of a Facebook user but took the decision a number of years ago to unfollow a whole bunch of people and restrict it to just family and a few select "real world" friends.

For Twitter it was the decision to stop tweeting in 2016 which, by extension, meant that I also stopped checking.

Killing my accounts is definitely more final and removed the last vestiges of temptation but I honestly don't think I could be tempted anyway.

It just feels good to have free myself from a false need to keep those aspects of a fractured online identity.


  1. coolcut says: #
    I'm also thinking about deleting my Facebook account for the last couple of days. Sadly, I check it frequently without getting any real value out of it. Anyhow there is a strange feeling in my head when it comes to deleting it. Maybe just the last hurdle to overcome.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    That was like me with Twitter. 11 years was a long time to have it so there was definitely a psychological hurdle to get over.
  3. coolcut says: #
    Amusingly, my psychological hurdle is mostly based on possible unknown events in the future. My thoughts are something like "...when X happens, maybe I need Facebook to help me with Y...". It's crazy that Facebook has such a cognitive power over individuals.

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