# This morning I chose not to do the morning pages, I prioritised the physical rest and recovery over mental release. I also ate dinner last night which was a definite improvement on Friday.

I don't think that morning pages are something I will write every day - when we are away on holiday, even just visiting our daughter at University for a day or two, I don't think I'll be taking the "MP" notebook with me. I'll have my regular "everywhere" notebook so may note a few things down but don't expect it will be the full experience.

Taking a few days out and travelling somewhere, breaking up the normal routine, is a big part of how I reset and relax. I become a different person after a number of days away from work, a better person, more like the person I want and need to be all the time so I'm not sure if I really need to write morning pages on those days.

Now, I know the idea is that you get into a habit and not doing so it is easier to say "not today" but I think the mark of a successful habit, a healthy habit, is to be able to come back to it without forcing yourself, to be able to take a break and immediately rekindle the same passion despite not having done it for a while.

Even on the "off" days there will always be the blog.

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