# I never used to be much of a "dark mode" aficionado but, as more apps introduce black themes for the iPhone X, I think I'm becoming a convert.

  1. devilgate says: #
    I like them even on the 7. I mean, it’s jet black on the back, so why not on the front, too?
  2. johnholzer says: #
    I agree. I don’t have the X, but as the black themes roll out, I’m switching.
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    Same for me. The depth of the black on the iPhone X just makes text ‘pop’ almost like it’s floating.
  4. vasta says: #
    Oh, interesting. I’ve actively avoided dark mode because I love the brightness that comes with light, white interfaces, but I don’t have an iPhone X — I’m intrigued to see what the black looks like on that OLED screen.
  5. amit says: #
    I have always preferred dark themes in every app I use. So pretty excited to see how how it would look on a pitch blacks of OLED. I guess even app developers are modifying their dark themes to be full black rather than grey. Seeing more such notes in updates.
  6. Colin Walker says: #
    It’s especially effective at night. When it’s pitch black in bed it’s a bit surreal how it looks with no light leakage across the screen.
  7. khurt says: #
    It works well for me on the iPhone 7 and iPad Pro as well. I’ve done it for each app that supports it.
  8. amit says: #
    interesting, I do wonder though what’s different with Apple’s ecosystem? Apple’s implementation of OLED or the app developers willingness to embrace the black?Or possibly both or neither 🧐