# I didn't really explain part of what I meant when I wrote:

"And that's what I want to separate: the role itself from what it means to you as a person and what it allows you to be."

Bethany followed up on my post saying "how do you build self-compassion while ensuring your identity reflects your values?"

Your personal values are exactly what I was referring to here, not necessarily the specifics of individual roles but what those roles mean to you as a person and what they enable you to do, especially out of the context of the roles themselves. Even if a role no longer applies you can take the meaning, the passion and reapply them to other things.

Your values are part of what it truly means to be you, regardless of any roles you may take on. We may not always live up to or in accordance with them so must have self-compassion for when slip below our own standards.

  1. Agreed. Just need to suss how to demonstrate those values. But hey, I guess that's what the intent of "all that's past is prologue" means....