# Now that I'm comfortable with the Reeder app I'm seriously considering moving from Feedly to Feedbin. Okay, so it's $5 a month where I'm not currently paying for Feedly but, since clearing out my subscriptions a little while back, I'm close to the 100 feed limit for free accounts again - a limit that never used to be there.

I could opt to pay for Feedly but it's a bit more expensive and, despite the plan I'd want being quoted as monthly, it's billed annually and I don't want it all going out in one go.

I'm also not entirely happy with the approach Feedly has been taking recently so would prefer to give my money to a service that does one thing and does it well. Feedbin looks to fit that bill.

  1. canion says: #
    What about Feedwrangler? I used it for a couple of years, until during a subscription review I realised that I was grandfathered into a Feedly account that supports more than 100 feeds for free.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    I’ve never really heard much about it. Hmm, I wondered if my Feedly account is grandfathered as well. I used to have a lot more than 100 feeds.
  3. matthewlang says: #
    I've been using Feedbin since it first came out. It's reliable and easy to use. I find the UI so easy to use that I don't use a native RSS reader with it.
  4. jemostrom says: #
    I've been using FeedWrangler since Google Reader shut down. It's not pretty and the UI could be improved but since I use Reeder to do the reading it works perfectly well. I just payed for another year.
  5. MrHenko says: #
    Like Jan Erik, I've been a very happy FeedWrangler customer since its inception. I highly recommend it.
  6. dgold says: #
    Wow, guys, thanks for pointing this out. I threw Dave Winer's Feed for Journalists file at Feedly, it appears I am grandfathered also.
  7. Colin Walker says: #
    Thanks guys. I’ve opted for Feedbin for the time being. I know it reasonably elegantly handles title-less posts and will be the first 3rd party service supported in @brentsimmons Evergreen. I'll see how it goes.
  8. Jon Mitchell says: #
    You're not going to regret this. Do not underestimate the ability to subscribe to email newsletters and follow Twitter accounts inside Feedbin.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      I can’t see myself following any Twitter accounts but newsletters is an interesting idea.
  9. canion says: #
    I can’t exactly remember! I think it might have been something in my account settings? But I definitely know that I have more than 100 feeds, and they all work.