# It was always going to be too early for Apple to announce anything about automation at WWDC. We're probably looking at iOS 12 before the Workflow acquisition starts to bear any native fruit.

Perhaps we'll see some fledgling - and by that I mean beta - functionality in a later point update but, if we do, it will be minimal.

Seeing as so much of what I do now goes through Workflow I've been thinking about the implications of becoming so reliant on a single solution. Likes, replies, microblog posts, titleless posts, the microcast, they all rely on Workflow.

Apple won't have acquired the app without having a plan for it or its developers, and some form of native automation seems almost inevitable, although most likely in the context of Siri and AI rather than in Workflow's current remit.

Once any native automation arrives I can't help but feel that the Workflow app will be pulled from the App Store potentially leaving quite a vacuum in its wake.

Perhaps other solutions will appear by then. Perhaps native automation will be more powerful and versatile than I imagine. Perhaps I'm worrying over nothing, however, I doubt it.

We may be some time from any changes but the sooner we assess our options the better.

  1. Colin, I’d love to hear about how you use Workflow for likes, replies, etc. I hadn’t really contemplated doing that, and trying to think through how it might be achieved. As for Workflow app’s future, I agree that its too soon to contemplate that it would be incorporated into iOS 11, at least now. But it wouldn’t surprise me that if over the coming months we saw aspects of it incorporated into the various beta releases, before the final release. Ot I can at least hope. I think that Apple will probably keep the app around until there’s a reasonable parity with native features in iOS and those currently in the app. I think (wishfully thinking, perhaps) that the users of Workflow, and the uses of Workflow, represent a higher end of the user market place than often corresponds to apps Apple purchases. As such, this is the exact group of users/uses that Apple wants to see using iOS for ‘real work’, and not just for ‘consumption’. Time will tell, but early signs are encouraging.