# I spent most of this evening going back and forth with support from the web host to figure out why my loadHTMLFile() calls weren't working.

Even though allow_url_fopen was enabled in the PHP settings the error logs showed the calls failing due to allow_url_fopen=0 despite making numerous configuration changes.

In the end I had to use cURL and convert the result to DOMDocument so I should be okay now. My testing looks good but I won't be completely certain until someone sends a webmention from their own domain.

In the meantime I added the missing items to the database so that the /directory OPML is up to date.

  1. Nitin says: #
    Ok, now I'm curious. How much are you paying for your hosting. I'm wondering if we can get you out of the clutches of this terrible host.
    1. Colin Walker says: #
      I’m effectively paying nothing. My wife has a reseller account so I piggy back on that. I think I’ve got everything sorted now though.