# I don't know what but something has just clicked this week. It's been busy but I've gotten back in the blogging groove again, happy with what I've been writing and how I've been approaching things.

Also, interestingly, I've gone against the grain of trying to streamline and simplify things on my phone (even if only a little) and installed apps rather than removing them.

It started with my wife's iPhone 8 Plus not charging properly, either by cable or wirelessly, meaning it has to be sent for repair under insurance with our carrier. This means she'll be without it for a few weeks and needed something to use in the meantime.

As our old phones are being used by other family members we had to opt for buying a cheap Android device1 which will handy to keep as a household spare in the event of any other issues.

No iPhone means no iMessage so we moved our family group to Telegram meaning I had to install it.

I then decided to reinstall Halide and Darkroom having previously removed them as I wasn't taking many pictures. Taking and editing RAW photos, however, intrigues me and I want to spend some time getting to grips with it.

  1. she’s gotten used to it after installing various apps and a launcher to give things like unread icon badges and wake on notification to make it a little more iPhone-like 

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