# This week feels like it's been at least 8 days and that's even before the weekend has started.

Long stressful days in the office caused by specific problems have been compounded by living in a constant media frenzy around the coronavirus. Both have seen an overreaction but both have to be managed according to the perceptions of others.

It was interesting to see the Italian authorities describe the news coverage of Covid-19 as an "infodemic" even though the virus wasn't at epidemic proportions. That's a great way to sum up the way things go in today's always on 24 hour news environment. With 24 hours a day to fill media companies look for increasingly differentiated ways to say the same thing, ruminating the same facts from every conceivable angle.

We need to keep informed but exist in a state of almost perpetual panic wondering if this is going to be the thing that finally knocks us back to the stone age.