# After chastising myself for not writing much by hand I thought I'd better pick up a pen again and try to get back in the habit.

But it wasn't my normal pen and notebook, rather the ones I used to use where the pen is a little too scratchy and the pad too small for comfortable use. They've been sat on my bedside cabinet for months, ignored since I moved to the Lemome.

I normally like having everything in one place but, needs must, and sometimes you just have to write with whatever you have to hand. It throws me out but it's better than missing the thoughts because there was nowhere to put them.

It feels weird writing that: "nowhere to put them" considering I have my phone with or by me almost all the time.

But this was a specific move to write by hand and shifting to the phone, if I hadn't had a pad and pen, would feel like defeating the object.

I get compartmentalised like that sometimes - if the intent is to do something a particular way I can't just switch, it just doesn't feel right and my brain can't process it.


  1. kitt says: #
    I almost feel I could have written this! So much about the "right" notebook/pen!

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