# Following on from my recent thoughts, I've decided to conduct an experiment. I've moved everything from Ulysses to Dropbox (it was only archived posts anyway) and uninstalled it from my phone.

My usage has dropped off to almost nothing so I just want to see if I can live without it.

And the most important question: what do I use to fill the space on my home screen?

  1. dgold says: #
    I've never understood the whole Ulysses thing. Its a markdown editor, that requires a subscription of €5 per month? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy (and have the receipts to prove it) to pay for quality software. But this thing... edits plaintext?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    It’s a stylistic thing I suppose. The feel of it, its simplicity and organisational capabilities more than the fact it’s an editor. I like it but increasingly realise it’s overkill for what I do. Maybe if I was writing a book it would be different.
  3. jmreekes says: #
    I’ve started to get the same feeling about Ulysses. It’s an amazing app and an app that I love but one I don’t use much. I know I could use another app and get the same results for less money.

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