# Going back through past posts in an attempt to distill the real essence of me as a blogger is hard. Really hard!

There are a few posts that I instantly know should make the cut but, as I always say, the blog is an ongoing conversation so there are often threads rather than individual posts.

As such, I'm wondering how best to present what I eventually come up with.

  1. Nitin says: #
    I wish someone were to do that for me... Perhaps we should do that for each other... :D
  2. devilgate says: #
    I’d you’ve used categories over the years, maybe those would help. At least for you to find the relevant posts.
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I couldn’t sleep for a couple of hours during the night so went back through everything. Not all posts are categorised (especially more recent ones) but it may help to double check. Thanks for the suggestion.