# Before getting the iPhone X I used to fill all 5 of my fingerprint slots for Touch ID. I'd register the thumb and forefinger on each hand and then re-register my right thumb (probably the most commonly used) but starting with it in a different position.

I found this second registration gave me maximum reliability regardless of how I was holding the phone.

My one complaint about Face ID over Touch ID is the relatively narrow range over which the sensor will recognise you. I've reset it and re-registered from a lower angle but it's still not perfect.

The news that iOS12 will allow for a second face to be registered (as long as the feature makes it through the beta process) would let me replicate this behaviour with Face ID - to a degree.

Re-registering a second instance from a different angle will make Face ID more reliable.

  1. vishae says: #
    I thought Face ID learns each time it couldn’t recognise you and you had to enter your password? Wouldn’t doing that essentially re-registers your face at different angles? I put my face at really oblique angle from my phone sometimes to force it to learn how my face looks like at different angles.
  2. Nitin says: #
    Good that Apple recognizes the need to add a second face. It's silly to think that only one person should have access to a device. Plus, yeah, your use case might get helped too!

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