# Two years ago today (has it really been that long) I said I was "very much an adherent of the 'life model' of blogging". Looking back I don't think I was truly there; I was still in "Book 2" of my blogging journey.

Now that I am in the next phase of my online existence I'm still not entirely convinced that I am following the "life model" or if I'm even getting there.

Maybe I just don't have an exact picture in my mind of what a life model means for me. Or, maybe I'm being too harsh and looking for something that's not there.

  1. Chris Foley says: #
    The most meaningful blogs on my RSS reader (I count yours among them) have an unfinished quality, and a sense of searching through ideas, trying to make sense of experiences. Bloggers that demonstrate too much polish and structure, and are almost exclusively geared towards selling (or ad revenue) are not authentic to me any more and I'm not interested. I'll stick with the authentic, gritty, half-finished journey, as this is what attracted me to blogging in the first place 15 years ago.
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Thanks Chris, that means a lot. I agree, blogging can't be contrived or manufactured. It has to be real and natural.

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