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Most seem to prefer the idea of blending the camera/sensor/speaker "notch" with the status bar but I agree that not doing so (even if the status bar icons are still either side) could better emphasise the screen size.

I certainly wouldn't be against it and don't think it's as ugly as many are making it out to be.

What's potentially more worrying for me is how the "utility area" is handled at the bottom of the screen.

Currently using the Plus I am used to a 5.5 inch screen area. If the talk of the 8/Pro/whatever having a "usable" screen area of 5.15 inches is correct (and it looks like it is) then I will be losing space rather than gaining it depending on how the utility area is handled.

It's supposed to be hidden in certain apps (like when watching video) but what about in others?

If we have a virtual home button under the screen do we actually need a visual representation of a physical button occupying so much space at the bottom of the screen?