# After I'd pre-ordered the iPhone X I also ordered a case - I didn't want to be without on day one. It was just a cheap, ultra-thin, soft plastic affair that I planned to replace as soon as possible.

And replace it I did with a faux leather number that is a bit thicker and more solid.

But after a few weeks I've decided to switch back to the thin plastic one and there are a couple of reasons why.

Firstly, it adds almost nothing to the size of the phone - it really is that thin - but still has a raised lip to protect the camera bump.

The main reason, however, is that the faux leather case - despite seeming more robust - is of an "open bottom" design meaning that the area around the mic/speaker holes and lightning port is exposed.

I don't like that!

Primarily, I use a case to prevent scratches and it just seems silly leaving one edge of the phone open in this way.