1. bix says: #
    Okay this is weird. While I don't have them displaying, my blog does have the webmention and semantic-linkbacks plugins installed and active. In admin if I click edit on your like-mention to view all the data for it, it does actually have the text of what you posted here but if I approve the webmention to see how it will display on my blog…it just uses "so and so liked this on such and such" copy. Any idea why it wouldn't use the text of what you said? Maybe it doesn't do that for “like" webmentions?
  2. bix says: #
    I wonder what happens if I change the type from like to mention
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    It's down to the defaults applied by the webmention plugin depending on webmention type. A mention of type reply will display full text whereas other types (like, bookmark, generic mention, etc.) will indicate the activity. To override the behaviour requires editing a custom comment walker.
  4. bix says: #
    I can change the type in the edit screen, but while testing/playing, it somehow also deleted the URL of your avatar, which is weird; I never touched that field.