# What the heck. I'm going all in and just bought a license for the Alfred Powerpack.

And I've changed the keyboard shortcut to ⌘ + space instead of spotlight.

  1. vincent says: #
    I've been a Spotlight user for many many years… Alfred, even though I don't use the features so much, just works way better and quicker - with better results. It has loads of features I am not using, however I hope that one day I really learn it to unleash its power.
  2. vanessa says: #
    I love Alfred, though I don't use it (him?) to its full potential by any means. Good value for sure.
  3. cdevroe says: #
    I used to use Alfred a lot. Paid for it more than once. But now Spotlight does most of what I need. However, I could see you getting more use out of it than me.
  4. Caspar says: #
    It's brilliant. Snippets, calculator and the terminal shortcut have changed my life. Only a little, but it's good!
  5. vanessa says: #
    Yes, I think snippets is one of my favourite bits, along with using it to open apps. For me, it harks back to my youth, when it was command line or nothing!
  6. Caspar says: #
    That was my childhood also β€” playing with Fortran on a PDP-11 β€”though I hadn’t connected the two. Interesting.