# I'm giving Alfred another go. With how I use the Mac I've never really found much of a use for it (without the Powerpack) over Spotlight but I'm willing to be proven wrong.

  1. hjertnes says: #
    I've used it (with Powerpack) since I discovered it right after the Mac App Store launched.
  2. jack says: #
    Quicksilver->Launchbar->Alfred->Launchbar->Alfred I've tried to remain loyal to Launchbar but Alfred always seems to do what I ask without any fuss so I've been back to Alfred for a year or so and plan on staying put.
  3. jack says: #
    If you only use it as a launcher, then you're probably better off with Spotlight. I use Alfred for: calculator, clipboard history, custom web searches, shell integration, and snippet expansion. Also check out the workflows available www.alfredforum.com/forum/3-s...
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    I think it might be like Workflow on iOS for me. I spent ages thinking I had no use for it but then it suddenly clicked and I started using it for all sorts.
  5. Colin Walker says: #
    I like the launch history aspect behind it - that may come in handy. Other than that, I think it’s a bit of a solution waiting for a problem.
  6. hjertnes says: #
    I disagree about the “solution looking for a problem part". Here is the thing. You have some tools on all platforms where you can make them do a lot of stuff. And they can be really useful if that is your thing. If you want a excellent launcher that are more customisable: use Alfred. If you like the idea to start a lot of different stuff from the same place (kind of like Drafts) use Alfred Powerpack.
  7. Colin Walker says: #
    What I meant was it's something that I'm searching for a reason to use. Although when Drafts comes out for Mac I'll (hopefully) be able to transalate a lot of stuff from my phone to the Mac.
  8. mdhughes says: #
    I tried Alfred and Quicksilver, but I find it more useful to just have Spotlight and then write shell/Python/AppleScript scripts. I always have Terminal up in top-left corner.

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