# Thanks to a prod from my wife I'm now signed up for an online Philosophy diploma. I've had a quick look through the syllabus and the scope is good. Will be interesting to see how much of it I already know about.

  1. Insolubilia says: #
    oooh! I’m not used to seeing an appreciation of philosophy in tech and engineering circles (much to my sorrow). What topics and thinkers will the class cover?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    It will cover the main schools through history featuring key thinkers from each. From Socrates and Plato all the way up to Chomsky and Scruton. Should be fun!
  3. Colin Walker says: #
    I think that’s a given 😆 I haven’t written much on the topic recently so it will be good to dive in.
  4. Colin Walker says: #
    More should. Rather than asking could we tech leaders etc. should be asking should we - there is never enough consideration and preparation before things get pushed out on an unsuspecting public.
  5. hjertnes says: #
    On of the things I miss from people with Computer Science and Engineering degrees is: question everything.
  6. jonesbp says: #
    As a history PhD who also studied CS, works as a freelance developer, and follows tech and computing, I could not agree more.

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