# It's frustrating that I always forget which syntax is in which variant of Markdown and, subsequently, which apps support it.

I was about to criticise Ulysses for the way it handled code blocks, especially in text passed from Drafts, when I remembered I was using the GitHub "triple back tick" notation - a variant that Ulysses doesn't support.

I prefer the triple back ticks as they are more obvious than tabs but I need to get back in the habit of using standard markup instead of any variants.

  1. Be nice if it was standardised. I see there's been an attempt here (http://commonmark.org), but I don't know how far that's got.
  2. On Markdown, I thought you might like this: http://crateofpenguins.com/blog/tale-of-two-markdowns I can't access it in my browser at the moment (the site's marked 'archived', and maybe Sid's properly archived the posts now), but I can access it in my feed reader. Read it while you can!
    1. The wonders of Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20141010142810/http://crateofpenguins.com:80/blog/tale-of-two-markdowns :)

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