# I used Apple Pay on the Watch for the first time last night. It felt a little weird, almost like the supermarket staff were watching me - they probably weren't and it was just me being paranoid.

Still, it probably felt just as weird the first time I paid using my phone.

People are getting used to paying with your phone but, where I live at least, smart watches are very uncommon.

I've seen a steady increase in Fitbits and other smart bands buts that's it. I'll see the occasional watch (mostly Apple) on my commute but the numbers aren't high. Although I did notice the waitress wearing one in the Chinese restaurant we went to while on holiday. 👊

There seems to be no consistency to who has or wears one.

Wearables are still in their "cultural" infancy even though they've been around for a while now. Smart bands, with their more targeted functionality, are better understood and it's easy to see why Apple had to change their approach.

Most, however, don't have a need for an additional piece of technology; the cultural positioning of the smartphone (and its capabilities) is such that a major shift, and a significant technological advance, will be required for wearable use to explode in the same way smartphones did.