# The UK's inability to deal with snow & ice always amazes me. Granted, we don't have major problems often enough to justify huge investment in infrastructure, but there has to be some middle ground.

5 hours to get home 1 - because almost the entire rail network for the area was taken out by the weather - just seems crazy.

And I was lucky!

I feel sorry for those stuck for hours while some, frustrated by the delays, decided to force the doors on their trains and walk down the tracks resulting in the power being turned off.

  1. it would have been considerably longer had my wife not driven to get me half way 
  1. smokey says: #
    I have been watching everyone’s reactions on M.b to this snowstorm with a mix of comfort(?) and sympathy, because here in the southeastern US we are similarly ill-prepared for almost any, let alone significant, snow and ice because it is typically a rarity. That rarity does not seem to stop our northern and western compatriots from giving us a hard time (and worse) when a storm hits and it turns into a disaster, so it is comforting to see that there are other parts of the world that are in similar situations and have similar difficulties—though of course I also feel bad for everyone having to live through it. (We have gotten a bit better/more prepared after ~3 big storms in the last ~6-8 years, but still no fun for anyone.) Hope you get some relief soon!