# Now that micro.blog is open to the public and expanding Manton is exploring various ways to aid discovery of users.

The reason I created the /directory page was to aid in the discovery of others whether bloggers or other micro.blog users who interacted with me via webmention.

The growth of micro.blog, however, means that more people reply to my posts from the service making the list on the directory page unwieldy. As such, I have disabled the option to view that list leaving just the bloggers.

Manton's efforts are ongoing and continue to bear fruit so there is less need for me to show this list. The option is still there should I decide to revert, the section is just commented out in code.

  1. amit says: #
    I completely agree. Discovery is one problem tha needs solving. Of course, some sort of directory is a great solution - I think feedbin by @dave has a chance to succeed.

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