# Liked: Seth's Blog: The pleasure/happiness gap...

”Marketers usually sell pleasure. That's a shortcut to easy, repeated revenue. Getting someone hooked on the hit that comes from caffeine, tobacco, video or sugar is a business model. Lately, social media is using dopamine hits around fear and anger and short-term connection to build a new sort of addiction.”

The pleasure/happiness gap is larger than ever and while social networks may swear blind they are not intentionally marketing fear as a shortcut to dopamine fuelled reliance they themselves rely on our base desires and repulsions to feed their streams.

This is why I stopped using them.

But old habits die hard.

We seek new avenues, new niche networks, check stats, and relish comments. It’s hard not to stop there but instead use it as part of something bigger, something more long term and fulfilling.

That is the real challenge we face.