# Okay, so I set the Today page as the blog home page, just as a test to see how it goes. If there are no posts yet for that day it will tell you then list all the previous posts in the existing format.

I really like the idea of "Today" but am not sure if it will work as the blog front page. People are so used to reverse-chron (just look at the outcry over Twitter introducing even small algorithmic changes) that I don't know whether they will adjust.

Is having to scroll down too much hassle? Will it look like there are no updates after the first couple of posts?

We'll have to wait and see.

  1. jack says: #
    Same here. I haven't been motivated enough to try and make it happen though. Glad you are! May have to go back to using Winer's tools some day :)
  2. matthew says: #
    I like the today set up, what would be quite interesting is having the ability to jump to the same day in a previous year.