# James Shelley makes a very welcome return to his blog saying "We are not all in this together." It's a very sobering reminder of the differences and inequalities that exist in our societies.

He's absolutely right, even on a hyper-local scale there is such differentiation.

Within my own household there is a difference: my wife is considered at risk so has to take extra precautions beyond the rest of the household, although those precautions are technically extended to the rest of us by proxy. When my daughter was provisionally diagnosed we had to go into self-isolation so that's a different set of circumstances to the "norm".

Our neighbour one way is a mental health nurse so is still having to go out to work and visit patients whereas our neighbours on the other side are elderly so observing the government's recommendation to stay home for 12 weeks.

This is all different for three houses who would all be normally considered privileged, never mind those who may be disadvantaged in some way.

The UK war cry is "Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives' but obviously, not everyone can. Those that are have very differing circumstances.

The "all in this together" mantra is the same as during the times of financial austerity over the past few years and it didn't ring true then.

We're all 'affected' to one degree or another but we're certainly not facing the same problems.

  1. It is similar here in New Jersey, USA. My neighbourhood is all townhomes with open backyards and woods in the back. Just a 15 minute walk away, are low income apartments with no open spaces. All the parks and woods are closed so these residents have nowhere to exercise. At the other end of town, are 4000 square foot homes with three car garages and large backyards some of which in-ground pools or tennis courts. Those residents may certainly have less strees dealing with cabin fever. My neighbour is a single mother with four kids She lost her job as a yoga instructor the same day the governor issued executive orders shutting down all non-essential business. Both my wife and I are able to work. Her kids play outside in the evening while my wife and I shutter inside. We have health conditions that put us at risk. It's not all the same.

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