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Two years ago today I quoted Ben Thompson of Stratechery saying that, rather than try to hide it, Apple went out of its way to emphasise the presence of the notch despite it being controversial.

The notch came in for a lot of criticism (still does) but soon became a de facto standard feature across all sorts of devices despite the initial protestations.

Similar criticism has been levied at the iPhone 11 Pro's triple camera setup. Apple could have tried to make it more aesthetically pleasing but decided to draw attention to it through design. The company is saying "we've made a technological advance and we're damn well going to make sure you know about it!"


The impending switchComments

I said a little while back how I was considering moving back to iPhone from Android but realised that I actually switch platforms because I get bored.

That's true, but in the weeks since that post I made the definite decision to switch thanks, in no small part, to the return to blogging.

Echoing what I wrote, it absolutely makes sense to return to a single ecosystem so that I can more easily shift between devices and continue where I left off. Yes, there are other apps and services that allow you to do this, still, I miss writing in Drafts on a daily basis. Not to mention the flexibility that its Actions provide, including posting directly to the blog.

My current phone, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, has been a fantastic device - no question - and switching to Android last year had little impact. At the time, stepping away from blogging meant that a lot of my old workflows were redundant. I wasn't writing in any form and needed none of the automated tasks I was using in Drafts or Workflow/Shortcuts on iOS.

Besides, the upgrade from IPhone X to XS wasn't worth it, whereas the triple camera setup on the Huawei was a sufficient jump.

The iPhone 11 Pro may be playing catch up but seems to have fixed the one major issue experienced on the Mate 20 Pro: colour, exposure and focus shifts when switching between cameras. If the three cameras on the new iPhone work together as well as Apple claim, supposedly being matched in the factory and taking cues from each other in real time, then it should be a joy to use.

I'm largely platform agnostic and have always been able to achieve what I wanted regardless of what device I was using. That doesn't mean, however, that I don't want to use the best tools for the task at hand.

The impending switch

World Suicide Preventation DayComments

Today is WSPD 2019. I've been lucky that things have never reached this stage but others have not. Too many others.

We can all do something today, something simple: talk. Whether it's talking about your problems or being there to talk to someone else about theirs, it can make a difference.

World Suicide Preventation Day
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