# During quiet spells at work (well, at home but you know what I mean) I've been firmly in "because I can" territory with the digital garden functionality.

Having already implemented a display-time function to display page links in wiki-style '[[]]' notation I wanted to do something similar for external links. Being normal pages I could just enter them using Markdown but I wanted it to be visually apparent and in keeping with the internal formatting so opted for '{{}}' delimiters.

I didn't stop there, oh no; and this is where things get completely unnecessary and nerdy. I decided to create an onkeypress event for the textarea that inserts the delimiters at the cursor position or surrounds highlighted text.


Because I can.

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# Because the display-time changes are in functions.php it means they can be used anywhere and not just on the garden pages, like this: digital garden

Obviously, as this is a display-time change, it only takes effect on the site itself and won't carry through to the RSS/JSON feeds so I probably won't use it often.

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# First proper haircut since before the first lockdown thanks to my wife and some new clippers. My daughter had given me a trim in about May/June but before that it would probably have been about February.

# Om Malik writes:

"After twenty-odd years of blogging, what I really wish for is freedom from the tyranny of a headline that weighs down a blog post."

It takes a bit of effort, of not settling for the defaults, but it's perfectly possible to break free from that tyranny. Most feed readers still don't support titleless posts but the more people do it the more it will become the norm.

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# Lots more tweaks to the garden - it's really starting to come together.

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