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# Liked: Learn to meditate – Rebecca Toh...

"If there’s a good time to learn to meditate it would be now, thick in the woods of a global pandemic. This is THE moment to start noticing your monkey brain and the misadventures it can get up to."

Amen to that!

# I'm going to be collecting my daughter from university today and she'll be home indefinitely until this all passes and uni re-opens. It'll be good to have her home so we know she's as safe as the rest of us - as safe as we can be.

We've given a few supplies to our neighbours and told them to let us know if they need anything, especially one side who are elderly and trying to stay inside as much as possible. They have my wife's number so can text us if they need to.

Our neighbour on the other side is a mental health nurse and is currently still conducting visits to patients. Some of them have delusions and paranoia and constantly think they've got the virus, whenever they see something on the news it tips them over the edge. It's really bad that these key staff still haven't got the core equipment they need: hand gel, masks, etc. Our neighbour thinks they may have to stop the visits soon and just provide a telephone counselling service but will obviously have to attend if someone takes a turn for the worse.

My father-in-law is is a part time traffic warden/parking enforcement officer and this week, out of a team of 14, only two of them have gone in to work. They decided to forget their job (no parking tickets given out) and have become a community service running errands, delivering prescriptions, and anything else needed by those who are unable to get out. How awesome is that?

# I've washed my hands so much over the past few days that the fingerprint sensor on my phone no longer recognises me. I think I'll have to re-register my prints. #firstworldproblems

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# Hmmm! I installed the Samsung DeX app on my MacBook and now it won't boot. I've tried all the usual boot options - it won't even start in safe mode - and it's looking like I may need to do a reinstall of MacOS and start again. ?