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# I decided to make the switch from Feedbin to News Explorer - thanks to Jon for piquing my curiosity. It's an initial investment to buy the app for both Mac and iOS but it uses ICloud to sync so doesn't need you to pay for a third party service.

I'd been holding off because there is no way to use it on a Windows PC (I could use Feedbin in a browser) but, unless I'm gaming, I only really spend time on Windows when I'm at work so wanted to segregate what I do, and where, more effectively.

Before closing my account I exported my OPML from Feedbin and plugged that straight into News Explorer; there doesn't, unfortunately, seem a way to import your starred/favourited items so I'll just keep the JSON file for that until I work out a way to process it somehow.

My initial reaction to News Explorer is very favourable, although I do get random feeds syncing a whole bunch of items from time to time. I wonder if this is just the initial import still sorting itself out. If it keeps happening I'll have to file a bug.

I've been right through the settings on my phone and given everything a good tweak so got it looking a lot more like an app that might be shipped as part of iOS. On the Mac I'm using dark mode but haven't dug into the rest of the visual settings yet.

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