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# I'm around 2000 words into my "history of the blog" over the past couple of years and still got 11 months to cover. It's going to be bigger than I thought and I still haven't finalised how I want to present it.

What's been interesting about doing this is realising what timescales were involved for various parts of the blog's evolution. In some cases the pace of change has been pretty relentless and I've iterated certain features incredibly quickly (even multiple times in one day.)

There's also been times when I thought things had happened a lot closer together but it's actually been a couple of months before I changed or revised something. Because those updates were a logical next step from what I had I conflated them in my mind despite the gaps between them.

It's funny how the mind and memory work, and this reminds me of the last couple of episodes of Malcolm Gladwell's podcast Revisionist History in which he looks at the infallibility of memory, our belief that it is this immutable thing where events are almost time stamped, and our reluctance to accept that it is wrong even when presented with evidence to the contrary.

Well worth a listen.

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