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# In reply to: Intentional bloggers – James Shelley...

Framing micro.blog as a gateway where "finding the person is synonymous with finding their RSS feed" is perfect, after all, the micro.blog timeline is a glorified RSS reader with social features.

But, once it starts getting more populated it becomes an unmanageable way of following specific voices so transplanting them to a traditional reader becomes a must.

I don't think that this approach without the minutiae is elitist, more a natural progression to being "post social" - we (as a society) tried that, took it to extremes, but I think that's run its course and it is time to focus.

This is also where I diverge from the full indieweb experience espoused by some where you must own everything and have it all on your own site. That level of control doesn't appeal to me and if it's not something I want to own it's generally not something I create and won't exist at all.

# I've let things slide again with meditation and writing by hand.

I make occasional notes but the habit isn't there at present. I also write too quickly, it gets messy fast. My brain hits overdrive and my hand tries to keep up. It fails.

My school physics teacher once said I could have been a scientist if my handwriting was neater - let's just say I don't think I'm heading for a career change any time soon.

I can't remember the last time (before this morning) that I opened Oak. I've meditated without it but nothing consistent or regular. I obviously still need something, a trigger, to get me in the proper mindset.

This seems to go hand in hand with use of my phone creeping back up - not proper use but the aimless flicking between apps I desperately try to avoid even though I'm still using it in greyscale.

Change required.


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