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# I spent years blogging about social media, trying to think about ways to drive mainstream adoption. When we reached the tipping point I had to ask "what now?" but still managed to find things to write about for a while.

But, for the last several years, I have become increasingly disenchanted with social networks, and the way they operate, leading to the deletion of my Google Plus account and shuttering of my Twitter profile.

I can't help but, personally, make a parallel with religion.

I was raised Catholic, went to church and Sunday school, and was confirmed at the age of 9. But it was not my choice, I was railroaded through it all out of a sense of duty.

Confirmation is supposed to be when you are saying that this is the path for you, a conscious devotion, but that's when I said I didn't believe and wasn't going to go any more.

I don't dislike religion per se, people can believe whatever they want, but I resent organised, hierarchical religion full of dogma and doctrine.

Individuality is frowned upon and you can't do things your way without being considered a pariah.

James' post about social co-opting identity spoke to me on multiple levels; individuals are absorbed into the homogeneous mass that is the stream to serve nothing more than the greater good.

We are just content and clicks, entries and engagement, virtually indistinguishable from any other. Beholden to the almighty algorithm we willingly stand in line, just another user, waiting to receive our digital communion.

Unless we do something about it.

In the push for mainstream adoption that which should celebrate our individuality instead consigns us to anonymity.

What's the old saying? Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

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# The one downside I find with the iPhone X when compared to the Plus models is that it's very much a portrait phone.

While the screen is diagonally larger it does not act like a Plus screen in that you do not get a multipane view in landscape.

I can understand why you don't get elements like the tab bar in Safari but, with the screen being taller, it is (in my view) better suited to a multipane setup in landscape and I think this is an oversight by Apple.

# Liked: The Case for RSS - MacSparky...

The control with RSS, reading what you want when you want, is why I stuck with it. You can’t be “always on” so solely relying on a social stream for news is self defeating.